About Us

Juba Restaurant is Known for its unique design sense, the restaurant is an inspirational place where business meetings and conversations come to life and friends gather to relax.
Our expertise in serving healthy, fresh tasting, and wholesome East African and Middle Eastern style of cooking enables us to offer high standard and exciting foods that meet the needs and requirements of consumers. Fresh produce are delivered daily.
We take pride in our integrity, professionalism, and our work ethic. Cleanliness, Customer Service, and Efficiency are three important objectives we aim to reach. We take pride in offering job enhancement and security for our employees and being respected in the community where we run our operations.
We target to have every customer who comes through our door greeted or acknowledged within 20 seconds, and thanked at least once for allowing us to serve, and to leave impressed.We care about every detail, from the fresh, delicious dishes, which are prepared from scratch, to courteous and friendly service.
We are looking forward to serving you in the near future. We always appreciate any feedback from our customers, because we care about providing the best dining experience possible.

Our Statements

We provide fresh modern cuisine and beverages in a unique environment with friendly yet un-intrusive service to a high volume of customers through effective teamwork and communication.We acknowledge our customer on arrival and say thank you to every customer at least once for choosing Juba Restaurant.
To sell delicious and remarkable food and beverage to match our world class location, to consistently provide our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and integrity to our work. 
Our  Values/Focus

  • Community Empowerment
  • Service Excellence
  • Quality Production
  • Value Addition
  • Cultural Heritage


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